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Without professional attention cracks will form rampantly and allow water to erode and under mind the base under the parking lot; this will lead to potholes which will require patching and eventually replacing the parking lot. This is easily avoidable by routing and crack sealing at regular intervals.

Nugent Sealcoating uses the standard MNDOT method to crack seal, which many of our competitors do not follow. It begins with routing the cracks to a width and depth of approximately 3/4″. The cracks are then thoroughly blown out with high powered air and wire brooms. This is critical because all rocks, dirt, and debris must be removed before the introduction of rubber crack filler. The cleaned cracks are filled with hot rubber crack sealer brand Deery 3723. The 3723 spec exceeds all MNDOT requirements of 3405. As a final step, paper is applied as a bond breaker to allow for immediate traffic use, unless sealcoating is to immediately follow.

  • Pre-Routed Crack

    Pre-Routed Crack

  • Crack Being Routed

    Crack Being Routed

  • Clean Routed Crack

    Clean Routed Crack

  • Finish-Filled Crack

    Finish-Filled Crack

Crack Repair Minneapolis - St Paul MNNugent Sealcoating uses the same process to crack seal municipal roads and bike paths. We are capable of handling any size project including traffic control for public safety.


“I highly recommend Nugent Sealcoating for parking lot repair and sealcoating. We have a large lot and lots of traffic. The Nugent crew is very professional with the planning and implementation of their work to minimize any inconveniences to our customers. Our parking lot looks brand new again." Chris Hickle, ...
“I’m very happy with the job that was done, it looks great. The things I appreciated were that you posted notices 1 week prior and that your crews were very polite & did great work.”
Cheryl Svenningsen - CMCA, AMS | Community Association
“Dear Randy, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the years of great service. Your quality of work and skilled personnel have helped keep the facility looking great. Thanks again!”
Cliff Hilton - President Goldwood Kennels Inc.
“With their experience, expertise and quality, Nugent Sealcoating is our #1 choice for sealcoating and parking lot repairs.”
Bob Tjernlund - Tjernlund Products, Inc.
“As a property management company, we appreciate the manner in which Randy personally oversees each job to ensure the highest quality finished product. Nugent Sealcoating works with our tenants schedules to get the job done when it works best for us.”
Robb Carlson - Robb Carlson Builders, Inc.
“Randy I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did “as always” on our parking lot. After 14 years of having you do our parking lot sealcoating and repairs, your crews continue to impress me.”
Dave Spock - Leaque Of Mn Cities
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