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Nugent Sealcoating offers different forms of patching tailored to fit your budget and your needs.

Asphalt Patching Repair Minneapolis - St Paul MNCUT OUT PATCHING
Cut out patching consist of saw cutting the perimeter of the damaged area. Removing the asphalt and disposing of the old asphalt. The patches are prepped by re-raking the base tamping to a hard surface, and finally tacking all vertical edges. Then fresh ½” hot mix asphalt is installed and raked to the appropriate height and grade. A two ton roller is used to get complete compaction of the asphalt. Cut outs are the most thorough repair when you have damage to the base.

Asphalt Patching Repair Minneapolis - St Paul MNSkim Patching
Skim patching is the most economical patching but is a short term repair. We start with thoroughly cleaning the damaged area with high power brooms and blowers. Tack oil is used to outline and fill the marked areas. We shovel hot buckshot AC mix into the patch and rake to the appropriate height and grade. We then tamp or roll for completion.

The area around storm sewers and manholes deteriorate rapidly due to all the water running around them. Before patching we inspect the internal concrete structures to provide the best proposal to our customers. Still there can be hidden damages that cannot be seen until cut into. This repair is basically the same as a cut out with the addition of repairing the concrete rings or parging the walls before installing the new asphalt.

  • Storm sewer repair before

    Storm sewer repair before

  • Storm Sewer Repair During

    Storm Sewer Repair During

  • Storm Sewer Repair After

    Storm Sewer Repair After

Mill patching is the perfect balance of economical and a great repair. It’s cheaper per square foot than a full cutout so you get more square footage for your dollars. Also there’s no saw cut seam to maintain down the road. It starts with milling the damaged areas at 2” deep. Then sweep up the millings and dispose. Then install 2” of compacted new hot mix asphalt and roll for completion. Note: Many of our competitors only mill at 1”.

  • Mill Patch Before

    Mill Patch Before

  • Mill Patch After

    Mill Patch After


“I highly recommend Nugent Sealcoating for parking lot repair and sealcoating. We have a large lot and lots of traffic. The Nugent crew is very professional with the planning and implementation of their work to minimize any inconveniences to our customers. Our parking lot looks brand new again." Chris Hickle, ...
“I’m very happy with the job that was done, it looks great. The things I appreciated were that you posted notices 1 week prior and that your crews were very polite & did great work.”
Cheryl Svenningsen - CMCA, AMS | Community Association
“Dear Randy, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the years of great service. Your quality of work and skilled personnel have helped keep the facility looking great. Thanks again!”
Cliff Hilton - President Goldwood Kennels Inc.
“With their experience, expertise and quality, Nugent Sealcoating is our #1 choice for sealcoating and parking lot repairs.”
Bob Tjernlund - Tjernlund Products, Inc.
“As a property management company, we appreciate the manner in which Randy personally oversees each job to ensure the highest quality finished product. Nugent Sealcoating works with our tenants schedules to get the job done when it works best for us.”
Robb Carlson - Robb Carlson Builders, Inc.
“Randy I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did “as always” on our parking lot. After 14 years of having you do our parking lot sealcoating and repairs, your crews continue to impress me.”
Dave Spock - Leaque Of Mn Cities
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