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Minnesota asphalt sealcoating Nugent Sealcoating and Paving


A Minnesota Company Since 1992

Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating Minneapolis - St Paul MNSince 1992, Nugent Sealcoating Inc. has tirelessly worked to set ourselves apart from the competition. We pride ourselves as being the best pavement maintenance company in the industry.

Our philosophy is simple. Do it better than the rest. Use the best materials available, and give our customers the best customer service possible.

We use the highest quality sealant on the market today called PMM.
PMM from Sealmaster stands for Polymer Modified Masterseal. Standard sealants consist on average of 43% solids. PMM is 58% to 62% solids. PMM has twice the sand load, twice the Polymers, and twice the Blackening agent as standard sealants. Why isn’t everyone using it? The answer is simple. It costs more and only a handful of contractors even have access to it. We are one of the largest volume users in the entire Upper Midwest. So we can put down PMM at or below the price of our competition that is using inferior products.

Crack Repair is an essential part of the Minnesota Pavement Preservation Process. The vast majority of companies do it improperly. They don’t rout the cracks, and don’t use the proper hot applied materials. Nugent Sealcoating routs all cracks to a width and depth of ¾”. We use high pressure air to blow cracks clean. We fill them with hot rubber at a temperature of 375 degrees. We are very neat in this process.

We constantly encourage and remind our employees that the difference between a good job and a great job is about 5 minutes. We always take the extra 5 minutes. Our crews are highly trained professionals, with years of experience. They take great pride in being known as the #1 sealcoating company in the industry.

Nugent Sealcoatings motto is Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators, with good reason. We use the top sealants, crack fillers, and additives. We simply give more value and customer service for your money.


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