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Nugent Sealcoating Inc. offers different types of sealcoating in the Twin Cities area to fit your specific needs and your sealcoating budget. We offer a complete commercial and retail parking lot division that caters to all property owners, restaurants, hotels, banks, gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores, and any other business who needs sealcoating in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota’s extreme weather requires quality materials. Using the right types of sealant is essential to the success of your sealcoating project in Minneapolis and St Paul.

Being one of the largest volume users in the state of Minnesota gives us the leverage to have our own proprietary mix design.

We have worked diligently with Environmental Sealer Supplies to supply our customers with a sealant that will hold up to our extreme Minnesota climate changes. After stringent testing and thousands of gallons applied, we truly believe we have the absolute best product available in the state of Minnesota.

Nugent Sealcoating and Paving uses a proprietary asphalt emulsion sealer. It was specifically formulated as a hybrid of Enviro-Kote manufactured by Environmental Sealer Supplies. Basically it is Enviro-Kote on steroids!

Nugent Sealcoating and Paving’s specialty blended sealant has more polymers, solids, fibers, and blackening agents then that of our competition. Nugent Sealcoating and Paving’s customers benefit in being assured they are getting the absolute longest lasting, deepest black sealcoat available to them.

The finished product cures to a deep dark black finish that greatly increases resistance to oil, fuels, grease, salt and weather.

Our products and highly trained crew’s are the difference between our long lasting beautiful parking lots versus our cheaper competitors offering you an inferior product, less quality, and the need for resealing in just one year for an initial smaller cost.

With our specialty sealant you would naturally believe we would be more expensive then our competition. This is not true; in fact, because we are one of the largest volume buyers in the state of Minnesota we can give you our specialized formulation at or below the cost of other contractors using inferior sealants.

When you hire Nugent Sealcoating and Paving you can be sure you are getting the highest quality products and most professional crews in the industry. When a Nugent crew pulls up to your job site our trucks are clean and neat. And our crews are made up of very professional, highly trained individuals, dressed in company uniforms. You will know immediately upon arrival you hired the perfect contractor for your job.


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We pride ourselves as being the best Minnesota Commercial Parking Lot Asphalt Paving & Pavement Preservation company in the St Paul, Minneapolis Minnesota areas.

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