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Nugent Sealcoating is a townhome sealcoating specialist; we work hand in hand with property managers to develop long term pavement preservation programs that will keep their properties beautiful for years.

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Asphalt Repair Minneapolis - St Paul MNPLANNING AND SCHEDULING
To assist the property managers we provide layout maps showing exactly how we will split up the project, we post our own notices on all garages doors with clear language explaining our process and include our phone number so homeowners call us directly with questions.

Driveway Sealcoating Minneapolis - St Paul MNDRIVEWAY SEALCOATING
Our townhome division uses the same high quality sealcoating products our commercial parking lot division uses. We prep the driveways by blowing them clean and moving all mulch and rocks back to expose the edge of the asphalt. We then brush the driveways with a coat of sealant.

A very common issue on all townhome driveways is a large gap between the concrete garage floor and the driveway. Nugent Sealcoating has a process that consists of blowing out the seam, then pumping in hot rubber to fill.

An apron repair starts with saw cutting usually 3’ away from concrete garage floor. Then removing asphalt and disposing of properly. We then re-rake the class 5 and tamp for compaction. We perform a thorough inspection of the foundation of the building; if within the scope of work we back fill the cinder blocks with resin paper leaving a 6” deep cell. We then fill the void with concrete; then install new ½” hot mix asphalt and rake for grade away from door. A plate tamper is used to vibrate and compact asphalt to finish.
**Garage door must be open**

  • Apron Foundation Before

    Apron Foundation Before

  • Apron Foundation Damage

    Apron Foundation Damage

  • Apron Foundation After

    Apron Foundation After

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We pride ourselves as being the best Minnesota Commercial Parking Lot Asphalt Paving & Pavement Preservation company in the St Paul, Minneapolis Minnesota areas.

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